Tournament Information

Important team information is posted below.

Event Dates:

Event Registration

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July, 2022

WFDF Annual Congress (In person)

Friday 22nd & 23rd July, 2022

Late Event Registration (Appointment Only)

23rd July, 2022 (prior to 12 noon)

Captains’ & Spirit Captains’ Meetings, Opening Ceremony, and Opening Game

Saturday 23rd July, 2022

Regular Round Games and Semis

Sunday 24th - Friday 29th July, 2022

Finals, Medal Ceremony & Closing Ceremony

Saturday 30th July 2022

It is expected that ALL TEAMS will attend the Captains/Coaches meeting and Opening Ceremony – Please plan your travel accordingly.

The Coaches & Captains’ Meeting & the Spirit Captains’ Meeting will take place on Saturday 23rd July, around midday. Attendance by at least one (1) representative for EACH TEAM is required to attend each meeting. For capacity reasons a limit will be two (2) people per team per meeting.

The Opening Ceremony will take place in the early afternoon of Saturday 23rd July followed by the Opening Game. Times for the Opening Ceremony and Opening Game will be advised at a later time, however we do expect each team to be available to play the first round.

The Finals day/s will be Saturday 30th July, with the Medal Ceremonies taking place immediately after each final. The Closing Ceremony will take place at the end of the last final of the Championship.

Should weather cause delays to play, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly to ensure the finals are played as scheduled on Day 8 or prior.


Over the past 18 months, the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic have created uncertainty about hosting sports events and created travel restrictions globally. The WFDF Covid-19 Working Group will continue to monitor the situation and will work with the LOC to ensure that national and local governmental and health agency advice and criteria are met in full.

Every team registering and planning to attend WUCC, must make specific inquiries about cross border travel and fully comply with any restrictions or requirements that are in place to enter the USA.

WFDF will provide countermeasures to keep WUCC participants, staff and volunteers informed and safe while at the event and we will fully rely on your support to comply with the event COVID-19 requirements. Despite all care taken, risks and impacts may not be fully eliminated and therefore teams agree to attend WUCC 2022 at their own risk.

Travel Insurance:

All event participants (athletes, coaches and team support) are recommended to obtain travel insurance prior to booking flights and health insurance before leaving your home country.

The US healthcare system is based on individuals carrying personal insurance. WFDF and the WUCC LOC does not provide coverage for participants outside of the general first aid administered at the fields. There are always risks associated with playing Ultimate. Although WUCC will have medical staff on site to deal with first aid and assess critical injuries, there may be injuries or illness in which players need medical attention that requires emergency visits to local hospitals.

WFDF and the LOC kindly request that all players and event participants acknowledge these risks and understand that WFDF and the LOC cannot be held liable for any risk or cost associated with injury or bad health at WUCC. All event participants should alleviate some personal financial liability by purchasing your own travel and health insurance to make sure you are covered for any medical issues or event cancellations that could arise.